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Admission Process

Families who are interested in learning about our educational system and wish to visit Escola Nova can contact us to schedule a visit.

There will be places available for Grade 1 students in elementary school all the way through Grade 11 of high school.

Applications must be submitted to the School Administration. The programs for the new student selection process are now available on our website.

General information


From August 1 until the day of the selection exam or orientation afternoon.

Required Documentation:

  • Completed application form
  • 1 photo (3x4cm)
  • Copy of the last report card starting in Grade 2 and the general report card for Grade 1
  • Registration fee

On the day of the exam, candidates who are 10 years and older will participate in an interview with the pedagogical team.
Dates for the selection exam
Year/Grade Evaluation Day Time
Grade 1 Orientation afternoon September 09 2:00 pm
Grade 2 through Grade 5 of Elementary School Portuguese language and math test
English (Grade 3 to Grade 5)
September 23 1:30 pm
Grade 6 to Grade 9 of Middle School Portuguese language, math and English test September 24 1:30 pm
Grade 10 and Grade 11 of High School Portuguese language, math and English test September 25 1:30 pm
Classification Criteria
  • To pass the exam: students must obtain a minimum grade of 7.0
  • Siblings or cousins enrolled in the school
  • Children of former students
  • Children of teachers and staff
  • Age-appropriate level

Starting October 14, 2019, the School will contact parents/guardians.

* The places for Grade 1 at Escola Nova Gávea School will be available shortly after enrollment for students who are currently studying at Escola Nova Jardim Botânico.

The cut-off date for Escola Nova will be March 31, according to Resolution No. 6 of October 20, 2010, pursuant to art. 3. That means the student must be 6 years old by the cut-off date to enroll in Grade 1.