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The extended schedule gives students an opportunity to delve into teacher-led studies and take advantage of creative and sports activities focused on the English language.

Regular classes take place in the morning and the extended schedule, which is optional, from 1:15 p.m. to 4:15 p.m.

Guided Study

One of the main activities of the extended schedule is the guided study, where teachers use their homework to organize, in an interactive and dynamic way, an orientation environment for studies. The objective is to help the students' autonomy and protagonism in their learning process. This feature helps the students to identify their doubts on their duties, and encourages the study with more property and initiates the practice of research methodologies.

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Extended time shift: 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Delays: In Middle School, students may only be late 5 (five) times per term. From the sixth tardiness onwards, students will not be allowed to attend the class. In case of a tardiness students may only enter until the second period (8:00a.m)and, aGer that, only with a medical excuse.

Foreign language

Foreign language is given every day at extended schedule, through several activities:

Applied Digital Skills

A curriculum developed by Google with video lessons and hands-on English activities helps develop skills for a changing working world. Digital tools are used to solve real problems such as event organization, financial planning, project management and others, and also learn how to research, analyze data and express ideas in collaboration.

Media Arts

Knowing how to research and communicate in the digital environment is an important skill in the 21st century. Based on of the Genius Hour, which is widely diffused among American schools, students themselves immerse in subjects of their interest, learning about research and creation; then, under teacher’s guidance, develop presentations in various digital languages, including blogs, websites, videos, podcasts and others.


Sports practice is essential for full development, promoting health, coexistence and team spirit. The activity gives the opportunity to expand vocabulary and the repertoire in the world of sports.

Debate Club

Knowing how to present and debate properly is an essential skill. In this activity, students develop research skills and argumentative ability in English, either verbally or in writing.

For more information
Call (21) 3875-9899 or send a e-mail to escolanovagavea@escolanova.com.br