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Literary Week

During this week the New School encompasses several playful activities with artistic expressions and lots of reading. They are: storytelling, poetry recital, guided exhibition with canvases produced by students and the literary contest, a textual workshop that takes place during Portuguese Language and Literature classes.

PAC: Current knowledge and general knowledge exam (5th year, Fundamental II and High School)

Every two months, our 5th grade, Middle School and high school students are tested on current and general knowledge. It is a test composed of 20 questions and only those who obtain the highest grades in each class are awarded 0.5 point in the two-month averages.

There are questions about music, sports, politics, etc. Students who are keen on reading about current affairs are likely to ace this test.

Last but not least, anyone who does not have the habit of reading newspapers, magazines, books, etc., will then be motivated to start.

Reading Project (2nd to 8th grade)

These days,reading is crucial. Apart from all books read in portuguese and in Literature classes, this project brings forth motivation in each student to read more and more.

The pedagogical team suggests the reading of one book per month, each book report is worth 0.25 point, which is added to the subject appointed in the trimester. If students make two book reports, they earn 0.5 point at the end of the trimester. The student should present a book report or a handwritten short review of the books and may be required to do that orally.

Creative Writing

This activity involves students from grades 3 to 8 with the purpose of getting to know these individuals and of praising the pleasure of written language on them.. The appointed book topics have contents that interest the students according to their age groups. The pedagogical team may then closely monitor not only the spelling and structural work, but also the emotional and social process of the student at this stage of school life. Every fortnight a new theme is presented and students are entitled a week to complete the task.

Interdisciplinary Classes

Themed classes are interdisciplinary classes which are carried out by specialist teachers. They take place on a weekly basis and aim to deepen the contents which are being studied. On the day of the class, all grades meet in a different environment from their classroom, which sparks a rich and unique moment of plentiful exchange.

In Elementary School, students make previous researches, such as in a flipped classroom, and then bring all the information they have collected in their researches to school. The topic is then discussed by all students, and as a final project, students summarize what they have learned.

In Middle school, themed classes are characterized as school reinforcement, where different modules are offered, with different themes and students have the option to attend these classes or not.

At last, in High School, classes emphasize in the preparation for college or university exams.

Science fair

The Science Fair is a project with the purpose of stimulating students' interest in Science. The event involves the participation of all school grades.There is always great commitment from students and teachers in the development of scientific activities which culminate in presentations to the school community.

Olympic Week

The Olympic week is an event which involves all school segments. It provides students with opportunities to experience values such as respect, cooperation and team spirit through sport.

Students participate in different sports games encouraging each other, seeking to overcome their limits and improving their abilities. The involvement of each individual creates a bond with the School. Students start considering the school space as a teaching-learning environment and as a place of socialization which occurs in different settings.

The stimulus to physical activity and to the practice of sports aims self-knowledge and the development of the feeling of confidence. In this manner, Physical Education classes, which are part of the curriculum of all grades, and the school sport events of the School, integrate in the Olympic Week.

June Folk party

The June Folk party is an event that involves the entire school and aims to enrich the students' knowledge of the customs that involve the event, so that they can value these cultural traditions.

OMERJ - acronym in Portuguese for Mathematical Olympiad of the State of Rio de Janeiro (5th grade Elementary School to freshman year High School).

OMERJ is a Mathematics competition focused on elementary and high school students in the state of Rio de Janeiro and its goal is the academic development of these students, presenting a more comprehensive and challenging view of mathematics. It is divided into two stages: the first, held in schools; the second, at PUC-Rio (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro).

Cultural fair

The Escola Nova Cultural Fair aims to work on interdisciplinarity. Teachers and students, select an interesting theme which is developed in school and the outcome is an interactive presentation to the parents.

Every year, all elementary and high school students present projects on a selected topic. It has a unique title, and each subject, as well as each segment, should relate its objectives to the content worked in the classroom.

All parents are then invited to check out projects on different stands in the school campus.

Talent Show

Escola Nova promotes an event that encourages students to display their skills and talents. The goal is to value creativity, self-esteem, respect and encouragement of art in a general way. On this day, the focus is to favor the interaction and appreciation of the other.

Public Classes

These experiences bring parents closer to their children’s school life and clearly demonstrate many ways of working in a playful and creative way.

This project is directed to parents of Elementary School students.