Academic excellence

An important part of our mission is to stimulate the passion for knowledge.

Citizens of the world

We prepare our students to enter the best universities in Brazil and abroad.

Complete Curriculum

Innovative content and complementary activities to develop the full potential of our students.

Integration and Welcoming

Living with respect, ethics and citizenship are basic daily principles of our students, teachers and staff.

A school for life

Our mission is to provide excellence in education by giving individual attention to our students in a welcoming environment where the challenge of discovering coexists with the pleasure of learning.
We aim to develop inquirer, knowledgeable and supportive students who contribute to a better world through understanding and respect. We seek to form global citizens who are prepared to positively impact the world around them.
Escola Nova encourages its students to become active, upright, curious, creative and critical learners. The values transmitted in the school will be part of each student throughout life, preparing them to respect differences and deal with different points of view.

Global Learning

Programs to stimulate reading
Promotion of activities that feed the habit of reading by multidisciplinary actions, such as Music, Arts and Poetry club, Literature Contests and Literature Collective.
Digital Fluency
By using Google for Education and other creative and communication environments, we engage the student into an ethical, safe, and responsible "literacy". Thus, enabling the true transformation of teaching, through the appropriation of commonly used tools for collaborative, multifaceted and interdisciplinary projects.
English/Portuguese bilingual projects
Starting at age 2, our students are already in contact with the English language to study the skills proposed in both languages, and to be prepared to face the challenges of a complex and globalized world.
We are the champions!
Sport is an important feature in the preparation of children and young people for life in society. Health and the practice of sports are main pillars at Escola Nova, we are extremely proud of our athletes.