Who we are

Escola Nova is one of the references in quality education in Rio de Janeiro. From early childhood education to high school, since 1980, we have promoted lifelong learning by bringing content and stimulus to creativity, critical thinking and global education.

We believe that the student is an active agent in the teaching-learning process through curiosity, communication and collaboration. Our aim is to instruct a citizen who is critical, participative, creative and independent, capable of respecting differences and adapting to everyday situations.

Além disso, a Escola Nova desde o início de 2020, foi autorizada como uma International Baccalaureate World School. O International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB-DP), programa oferecido aos alunos do Ensino Médio, é um dos certificados de graduação mais respeitados do mundo. O IB é reconhecido mundialmente pela qualidade da formação que oferece e por abrir portas importantes para a admissão em universidades no mundo inteiro.

Faculty Members

Headmasters Administrative Director
● Verinha Affonseca
● Cintia Areno
● Mariana Guaraná
● Dilma Campello
Pedagogical Coordination
Pre-School Coordination Elementary School Middle School High School
● Isabela Rocha
● Talita Beccaris
● Luciana Arrabal
● Patricia Pinheiro
● Thais Rossato
● Fernanda Otero
● Fernanda Aquino
● Leandro Rubino
● Verônica Farinã
● Patrícia Iser
● Gustavo Paiva
● Julia Escada
Foreign Languages Special Needs Extracurricular Activities
● Maria Isabel Monteiro
● Vania Costa
● Marcela Mourão ● Erica Campello

Pedagogical Counselling

Our educational philosophy is based on the consciousness of its social function to form free men and women who are aware, endowed with critical skills, autonomous, supportive and integrated into the society in which they live in.

We believe, therefore, that students who take possession of the guidelines and information in this manual will have more autonomy in their teaching-learning process, thus contributing to their success throughout their academic journey.

Administrative Office

Escola Nova’s office is open from Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. For any administrative or financial matters please contact directly:


Telephones: 3875-9899 | 3875-9898
e-mail: escolanova@escolanova.com.br


Families who are interested in visiting the school campus should contact the coordination to schedule their visit.

School Tuition

The annual tuition is divided into 13 quotas.
The first quota will be paid on the student's enrollment request.
The total amount of the annual tuition is specified in the school contract.