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Admission Process

There are openings from Primary / Elementary School up to the second year in High / Secondary School at Escola Nova Gávea.

To get acquainted with Escola Nova’s pedagogic project, to participate in the selection process and to know about the availability of openings, the guardian must fill in the application form. After its completion, the pedagogic team will contact the guardian.

General information


From August 1 until the day of the selection exam or orientation afternoon.

Documents required:

  • Completed application form (via site)
  • From 2nd Grade and beyond, a copy from the last report card and for Nursery School and 1st Grade, a report.

On the day of the exam, 10-year-olds and older applicants will have an interview with the pedagogic team.
Dates for the selection exam
Year/Grade Evaluation Day Time
2nd to 5th Grades, Elementary / Primary school. Portuguese and Maths Exam
English (3rd - 5th Grade)
13/09 1:30 pm
6th to 9th grade, Middle / Secondary School Portuguese and Maths Exam 14/09 1:30 pm
1st and 2nd year of High School Portuguese and Maths Exam 15/09 1:30 pm
Classification Criteria
  • 1) Evaluation score: pupils must obtain a mark 7 or higher
  • 2) Brothers enrolled in the school
  • 3) Teachers and employees’ sons and daughters
  • 4) Adequacy to age group

1st grade to 2nd year in High School - as of October the School staff will contact the guardians.

*The openings to 1st grade at Escola Nova Gávea will be available right after the enrolment of pupils who attend Escola Nova Jardim Botânico and will follow the order of the completed forms on the date of the school visitation. Escola Nova will adopt a cut off date the 31st of March following Resolution no.6 from October 20 of 2010, in accordance to article 3. Therefore, the pupil must be 6 years of age until the cut off date.