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To provide the cognitive and social development of the student, consolidating and deepening the knowledge acquired in each school grade. The introduced contents value the children's previous experiences and the dialogue is constant, making the student an active agent in the teaching-learning process. Our objective is to form a citizen who is critical, participative, creative and independent, capable of respecting differences and adapting to everyday situations.

Foreign language


The work with the English language begins at pre- school, but only in the 2nd grade, aGer literacy, children approach reading and writing in English, three times a week.

By the end of 5th grade, the students are prepared to take the Cambridge YLE “MOVERS” Exam.


In the second year the study of the Spanish Language is initiated, twice a week.

Extra activities

In order to enrich the process of learning and personal development, we offer activities that complement our standard content. To gather more information on these morning and afternoon activities please call (21) 3875-9899 or send an email to escolanovagavea@escolanova.com.br

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Call (21) 3875-9899 or send an email to escolanovagavea@escolanova.com.br