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  • Extra activities
  • Foreign language


Full-time schedule gives students an opportunity to develop responsibility, autonomy and organization in their studies and life itself. More school hours mean new learning and more social interaction.

The standard program is extended to occupy all day instead of just one shiG and the schedule is complemented by a variety of activities such as English-language Drama classes, Music lessons and Guided Study.

Guided Study

One of the main full-time activities is guided study. In it teachers use their homework to organize, in an interactive and dynamic manner, an orientation environment for studies. The objective is to create the students' autonomy and protagonism in their learning process. This aim helps students to identify their doubts and to assist their studie , with more confidence. It also initiates the practice of research methodologies.

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Extra activities

To enrich the process of learning and personal development, we offer activities that complement the standard curriculum. Full-time Elementary School students already have the following extra activities inserted in their schedule.

  • Gitar
  • Piano
  • Indoor soccer
  • Functional training
  • Yoga
  • Healthy Cooking
  • Robotics
  • Creativity maker
  • Fashion workshop
  • Fabric Crafts
  • In addition, some optional activities are offered outside of the hourly schedule:

  • Volleyball
  • French
  • Catechism
  • Extra hours of creativity maker and functional training
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For more information, please call (21) 3875-9899 or send an e-mail to escolanovagavea@escolanova.com.br

Foreign language


Full-time students have daily contact with the English Language in different activities, with emphasis on oral skills. English classes are longer. Homework exercises are done in class with the aid of a teacher.

Drama Class

Drama class, which is in English, stimulates reading and speaking and enables the study of foreign literature.

Reading and Writing Classes

The objective of our reading and writing classes is to guide our students to become efficient and attentive readers and writers. These classes offer a practical and immediate use of the English Language. They reinforce vocabulary and grammar and enhance the development of reading and writing skills.

Extra Activities

The Full-time schedule is complemented with activities focused on the English language. Every day, 1st grade students have a second playground, with games and activities in English, followed up by teachers.

With this full- time schedule, students have the opportunity to be in contact with the English language more deeply.